Stuff by Dalennau

I'm still figuring out what to do with this, give me a bit.

What do I even put here. Here I have a Tumblr. Check it.

Things I think I might add here eventually:

Maybe I should order some of these like an organized person who gets things done:

  1. make more things for my portfolios
  2. assemble my portfolios
  3. maybe find someone to review my portfolios?
  4. post my portfolios
  5. record more things for my voice demo
  6. edit together my voice demo
  7. maybe get someone experienced to listen to my demo?
  8. post my demo
  9. polish this site
  10. share this site with my portfolios and my demo?
  11. ???
  12. Do I profit yet?

Here's a cat.

She loves you.

Boy I've got some notes already.

Anyway bye for now. Look at my Tumblr.

Click this link.